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NFB of Maine News Matters for February, 2012

Vol.2 Issue 2

February 27, 2012

editor: Patricia E. C. Estes, Affiliate President

Sap Running Greetings to All!

February was a busy month for the National Federation of the Blind of Maine. We met many new people, networked and lobbied and learned. The first week of the month, Roger Cusson, 2nd VP, and Leon Proctor, Jr., Treasurer, traveled to Washington D.C. to join over six hundred other Federationists from around the country. It was the NFB's annual Washington Seminar (beginning in 73) when the blind gather to make our voices heard on Capitol Hill. Roger took the lead on this team (it was his second year) and made all the arrangements and all of the appointments. Leon's impressions of his first national NFB event are attached here with two photos. Our guys did a great job representing our views on Fair Wages and Appliance Accessibility as well as accessibility for all students. There is lots more to be done and anyone can call the offices of our Maine Senators and Representatives to express support and help the effort.
To learn more about the yearly Washinton Seminar, go to this link.)
Read Leon's report.)

On Thursday the 16th, we held our monthly Open to All Conference Call. The topic was "Legislative Issues and the Blind." Roger and Leon spoke about the bills and the trip to D.C. and then John McMahan, Director of DBVI, spoke regarding the issues on our state level. The bill LD 765 is still in some difficulty. The blindness community of Maine will need to remain united for future actions. We had well over fifteen people on the call and we thank you. Everyone adds strength to the work for and by the blind.

Earlier that same day, I spoke at an informational workshop about Consumer Advocacy Groups held in the Statehouse. I was able to meet with people who had been on our Open Calls regularly and also met some new folks, some very interesting and motivated gentlemen.(In the meantime our son and grandson were able to explore the Statehouse, tunnel and Museum and work on a Cub Scout badge. Thank you, Max and Pf!)

The NFB of Maine is in the process of obtaining an toll free 800 number for people to call in on. This will help not only our Board Meetings and our Open to All Calls, but also our NFB Newsline conference calls and our At Large Chapter Meetings, conducted via conference line.


March 1-NFB of Maine Board Meeting
March 15-Open to All Call with Joanne Wilson about NFB Rehabilitation Centers. (watch or call for more info)
March 17-Friends of NFB Newsline Call, host Walter Woitesek
***APRIL 21*** is our "Get to Know the New NFB of Maine" get together and Leadership Workshop We will be at Pat's Pizza on State Street in Augusta from ten to four and there is no admission. We will be ordering our own meals from their great menu. Before lunch, we will have introductions, literature, an opportunity to join the Maine Affiliate and our new Chapter. We will also have an NFB Newsline Demonstration. (more information to come). All members of the NFB of Maine and all those seriously considering joining our ranks are invited to stay for an afternoon of information and Leadership Workshop. This will be conducted by Ron Gardner, from our National Office and President of the Utah Affiliate. Ron tells me this will be basic and fun and all are invited to stay. And I tell Ron and all of you that we will take a brief break for milk and dessert a bit after two!
*(please share this information with those who do not have Internet and may be interested.)
Enjoy Mud Season!


Nokia phone loaded with "Talks" and a Sony reel-to-reel recorder/player. (How's that for both ends of the technology spectrum? all proceeds to benefit the NFB of Maine)

Patricia C. Estes
NFB of Maine
207 344 8292

"The Voice of the Blind-changing what it means to be blind in Maine!"

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