NFB of Maine News Matters for April, 2012

Vol.2 Issue 4

April 08, 2012

editor: Patricia E. C. Estes, Affiliate President



The Lighthouse At Large Chapter of the NFB of Maine:
Our newly organized at large chapter will, generally, meet by conference call each third Saturday morning of the month at 10:00 a.m. We now have an 800 toll free number to dial into the meeting with and this will be a free call for participants. Our next meeting will be Saturday, May 19 at ten in the morning. The conference call number and reminder will be sent out just prior to that date. Please watch for it and share the information regarding the upcoming call with those who may not have internet access. Thank you.

The first meeting of the Lighthouse At Large Chapter was a get-together at Pat's Pizza in Augusta on April 21 and a good time was had by all! Ron Gardner from our National office came up to do some leadership training and we also had an NFB Newsline Demonstration. We almost doubled the expected attendance and eight new people decided to join our growing membership. Welcome to all!

Our Next "get-together" will be in October for our State Convention, the place and date will soon be announced. Also, in October there are White Cane walks across the state and some in the Lewiston-Auburn area may be joining in the Dempsey Challenge. More info to follow.

A couple of us went up to the Statehouse to speak with legislators from both sides of the isle regarding LD 765. It is imperative that the language of this legislation is not changed from the original. To make it mandatory to serve blind students first might "fix" the State's non-compliance regarding the waiting list of students needing services, but it would then place the VR program in jeopardy of being non-compliant and eligible for matching funds! We are also working with our expert resources at our National office to pre-empt a move to consolidate programs. Research and experience proves that this does not work for the blind requiring education and training.

Four of us are traveling to Baltimore and to the National Center for the Blind for an NFB Leadership Seminar this May 4,5 and 6. This will be a real boost in the arm for a very hard working State Affiliate board of directors and their supportive families.

May 12, Walter and Dorothy Woitesek will be representing the NFB of Maine in Brewer at the Alpha One fair. If you would like to help out, contact the Woitesek's. They will have a table and literature and will meet and talk with those attending.

In July, a few of us are traveling to the National Convention in Dallas, Texas. There is so much going on at convention that it will be difficult to report back on! We are really excited to be going and to being a part of our larger movement representing the Voice of the Blind.

Please share this newsletter with others, either by forwarding or printing out and reading it to them. (If you no longer would like to be on this list, just reply to this e-mail).

We of the NFB of Maine enjoy meeting the blind of all ages across the state and their families. We also appreciate our close working relationship with the service providers to Maine's blind community and also have a very good working relationship with other organizations of the blind in Maine. Now is the time to share our information and join our resources in order to maintain what we have worked so hard to have in place for training the blind to be confident and independent.

If you would like a speaker at your organization from the NFB of Maine, just contact me and it can be arranged easily.

The Affiliate and the At Large Chapter are on the move in Maine. Watch our new website for new additions and information!
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All the best,

Patricia C. Estes
President, NFB of Maine


"The Voice of the Blind-changing what it means to be blind in Maine!"