NFB of Maine News Matters for June, 2013

Independence and the Blind

Vol.2 Issue 5


editor: Patricia E. C. Estes



"The Voice of the Blind in Maine-Changing What it Means to be Blind"


President, Leon Proctor, Jr



NFB of Maine to be Welcomed at Chamber Breakfast:

Our Maine Affiliate joined the Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce and we will be recognized as a new member at the monthly Chamber Breakfast on July 11. There will be a couple of other new members welcomed into the Chamber, also. It is customary for these new members to be asked to come to the front of the room to be recognized while a short description of the business/organization is read. Since Leon Proctor will be home on a break from LCB training, he and Suzanne will be there. We welcome any and all of you to join them to celebrate the growth and influence of the NFB of Maine and to have a great breakfast! We can also place literature at each place and will need 250 pieces of information. The Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce is very active and offers many services to its members. July's breakfast will be held at Lost Valley, so the gathering is smaller than at other venues.

Please e-mail me at if you are able to attend. The Chamber asks that we let them know by the end of this week, if you can. July 11, Thursday, at 7:00 a.m. at Lost Valley in Auburn. Cost is $18.


NFB National Convention, July 1-4, Orlando

Wow! That is coming right up! We have three members attending this year's convention: Leon Proctor, Roger Cusson and George Haley. This will be Leon's first convention and Roger has been a "regular" for a few years! And it will feel really great for George to get back to a National Convention. We'll look forward to your reports!

We also had three blind students apply for the generous NFB scholarships. While they did not get selected, we are proud of them and the work they are doing to reach their dreams!

Convention General Sessions will be streamed live. Roger Cusson tells me that the link has not been posted, yet. As soon as it is, Roger will post it at his site,, and at our site, www.nfb- Of course, you will be able to find the link at when it is posted. The schedule is at that site, also.


Raffle Tickets, Anyone??

If you have money from or need more tickets, contact Skip Estes or Mark Tardiff. How 'bout bringing some to National Convention and selling them there, you guys?


Independence and the Blind:

Next week, we celebrate the Fourth of July, Independence Day. We give thanks for the freedoms we have because the Colonists fought for them. They fought for us!

The visionaries who started the NFB when the blind had no rights, only their symbol-a cup and pencils; the energies that revolutionized work with the blind from a medical model to a social and civil rights movement; the forward thinking creativity that now launches the Federation into exciting realms-this is our foundation and our gateway to personal independence and freedom.

Freedom for the blind has been a cry to tear down the barricades! The youth in the NFB may not even realize whose shoulders they stand upon. Many members may not know who to thank as our movement has marched through Time. Today, the work of the Federation is everywhere and the lives of the blind of all ages have been improved and a blind person's dreams can be realized! It is because of those who have gone before, and we are grateful-so very grateful.

There is much work left to do. Freedom can't be taken for granted. Independence must be appreciated and passed on . Our purpose and vigilance to improve the quality of life and the equality of the blind in society continues.

This Independence Day, we celebrate our heritage as a nation, as well as our heritage as members of the National federation of the Blind. And, perhaps, consider your own next step in your own pursuit of freedoms and pursuit of increased personal independence as a blind person-and go for it!

Patricia C. Estes
207 344 8292